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Connect-Tek Over IP Remote Server Management

Monitor and Control your Servers from Any PC, Anywhere!

Connect-Tek KVM Over IP allows you to control servers remotely over the Internet using any web browser by connecting this stand alone unit to a target server or servers connected to a KVM switch.  The user can control, reset and reboot servers from a remote location and even watch the entire boot up process remotely.  It offers unique USB compatibility and the ability to transfer files to the server remotely.  Remote CD-ROM emulation even allows you to install or update your server's Operating System over the Internet.  Connect-Tek Over IP is compatible with most KVM switches and provides full cross-platform and multiple operating system support.  It supports 32 user accounts and incorporates SSL encryption of session data and SSL web communication encryption.  Connect-Tek over IP has a one year warranty.
Least bandwidth over the Internet, Fastest over the LAN
Browser based configuration and administration.  Access controlled via User ID with SSL encryption
Connect to a KVM switch and control up to 16 servers via R-Port (support IPMI)
Both RS-232 DTE Port and RS-232 DCE Port are available
Dual Ethernet connections, LAN Port and WAN Port, AND a Dial-up modem for a third path to servers
External power adapter allows the host server to be shut down and restarted by a remote user
Compatible with Connect-Tek Millennia KVM switches and most others with OSD

 Price: $849.00