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Server CABINET -  Model: CabNET 42U


Server Cabinet model
CabNET- 42U
was developed to offer network managers a full function network server cabinet that offers Multi-Vendor compatibility and streamlined server installation. Cabinet ordering and installation is  straightforward because our standard server cabinet Offers More Standard Features at a Better Price than other lines.


Server Cabinet - CabNET-42U
provides up to 36" of  internal mounting depth that is required in most rack mount server applications.  The server cabinet has a heavy duty steel construction with ventilated locking doors to permit air flow. 


Server Cabinet Model: CabNET-42U

Multi-Vendor Compatibility including Sun, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, and Intel*.

Server Cabinet also available with perforated steel front door.

*Computer names are trademarks of the manufacturers and are used only for the purpose of identification.

Server Cabinet






42U (73")



19" EIA




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Ventilated Tempered Glass Locking Front Door & Ventilated Locking Rear Door for Server Cabinet 42U.

Removable Side Panels with Locks for Server Cabinet 42U.

6- Vendor-Neutral Vertical Rails (EIA-310, 19") for Server Cabinet 42U, consisting of  4- Adjustable Rails for server depths up to 36",
          PLUS 2- Auxiliary Vertical Rails (required for optional shelf mounting--an $85 value!).

Unique Cable Trunk with Quick Release Cable Latches for Server Cabinet 42U (Patent Pending).

Cable Entry Openings Top & Bottom for Server Cabinet 42U.

Server Cabinet 42U Includes Casters (#1100)  & Leveling Feet 

        Server Cabinet 42U also includes 25pcs Cage Nut/Screw Hardware--a $20 value!

Completely Assembled  

Optional Equipment for SERVE CABINET model: CabNET 42U:
Top Mounted Fan Tray with 2 Fans (98cfm x 2):$95
Ventilated Shelf: $65
Additional Set of Vertical Rails- Now Included with Package!
      (required for shelf + rack mount server   configurations): $85
Keyboard Turntable (fits standard size keyboard!):$85
Power Strip with 12 Outlets: $95
Removable Bottom Plate: $90

Server Cabinet Specifications - CabNET 42U
Mounting Standards EIA-310, 19" IEC 297  
Load Rating 1100 lbs.  
Finish Powder Epoxy Coated  
Fully Welded Front & Rear Frame x 2
19" Mounting Angle x 4 with Unit Identification at each 1u & 5U interval
Side Mounting Angle x 2
Double folded 1.5mm steel
2.0mm steel
Top & Bottom
Side Vented Top with Gland Plates
Heavy Duty Plinth
1.2mm steel
2.0mm steel
Horizontal Support Full Depth for 19" Mounting Angle Adjustment x 6 4.5mm steel
Front Door
Two Vented metal strips with Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass
1.0mm steel
4.0mm Safety Glass
Rear Door Fully Perforated with Tubular Stiffener 1.0mm steel
Side Panels Include Quick Release Latch with Cam Lock 1.0mm steel
Cable Entry
Top Panel: at two sides with 80x3200mm (WxD) cutout x 2
Plinth: fully opened at the bottom, 60x25mm (WxH) cutout at back
Cable Trunk
80mm Wide Trunk x 2 at the two rear posts
Includes Quick Release Cable Latches
Casters Includes 4 Heavy Duty Casters, 1200 lb load rating  
Optional Fixed Shelves 220 lb. load capacity